Environmental Stress Screening System

In 2005, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of railway signal control equipment asked us to go beyond the supply of a machine capable of satisfying the thermal gradient and temperature range
requirements with the goal of obtaining an integrated system capable of automating tests ... and the result was a “custom” ESS TC2.6.

Since then, the machine’s feature of automation and “flexible” electronics capable of adapting to the processes of multiple product lines has made it one of the most popular and successful systems produced by IES, the EDA Industries’ engineering division for Enviromental Chambers.


Main Features:

  • One 2600 litres thermal chamber
  • Automatic pneumatic UUT Rack insertion/extraction
  • Custom test electronic cabinet (Simulator Rack)
  • Dryer
  • -30 °C to +90°C (with Contact Fixture)
  • -70 °C to +180°C (extended range without fixture)


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Additional Info

  • Temperature: ESS: [-30°c to +90°C with Fixture], ESS: [-70°c to +180°C without Fixture]
  • N ° Thermal Zone: 1
  • Condensation: Water