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Open Positions in EDA Italy:


    • Electronic Application Engineer
      (n.1 position)

      Responsible for developing and debugging test solutions (programs and hardware) for characterization, qualification and production in the semiconductor field.

      Requirements :

      • BSEE / MSEE is required
      • Hands-on experience working with PMIC Devices is required
      • Knowledge of Digital, Mixed Signal and Highspeed Digital Devices
      • Programming skills for writing and debugging test programs and test related hardware development
      • Hands on experience designing testing Hardware, creating schematics and reviewing layouts
      • Competency in programming with Scripting languages and high level languages (i.e., C/C++ or Visual Basic.)
      • Understanding of Electronic Engineering Fundamentals and DFT Concepts
      • Knowledge of Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
      • Availability to travel worldwide

      Job Brief :

      • You may be involved at any stage of a project for developing test solutions along the customer’s guidelines.
      • Design and debug test SW & HW for Production, Characterization & Reliability with the aim to provide a complete solution for RF/Mixed Signal/SoC/PMIC Automotive Semiconductor devices on EDA platforms.
      • Debugging of the Test Program and boards to meet customer quality and specification requirements
      • Evaluate new product’s testability and operability
      • Documentation

    • Electronic System Developer
      (n.2 positions)

      Responsible for designing, developing and testing electronic boards/systems

       - Electronic Engineering degree
       - C, CVI programming
       - VHDL and Verilog knowledge
       - Electronic Circuit Design (PADS Logic - DX Designer)
       - English language
       - Availability to travel worldwide
       - Master degree and/or previous experience is a plus

      Job Brief:
      You may be involved at any stage of a project including the initial brief for a concept, the design and development stage, testing of prototypes and the final manufacture and implementation of a new product or system.
      You'll usually work in a multi-disciplinary team with colleagues in other branches of engineering and your job can apply to one or more electronic engineering areas as:

       - System Architecture definition
       - Schematic and Layout Design
       - uProcessor / uController /FPGA firmware development
       - Test programming
       - Specification and technical reports

    • Mechanical Design Engineer

      Il candidato deve essere in possesso di laurea specialistica in Ingegneria Elettrotecnica, Ingegneria Industriale, o Ingegneria Meccanica.
      Deve avere spiccato spirito di lavoro in team, ed altrettanto interesse ad un’attività che spazia dalla progettazione meccanica, alla programmazione controlli PLC e sistemi di automazione.

      Il candidato sarà inserito in un dipartimento di progettazione meccanica, elettrotecnica e termotecnica; sarà quindi progressivamente reso autonomo nel dimensionamento e modellazione 3D di parti strutturali, di impianti di refrigerazione e di parti di controllo macchina.

      Sono tenute in considerazione ai fini della valutazione del candidato eventuali pregresse esperienze nell’ambito della progettazione meccanica; conoscenza di programmi di modellazione 3D quali Solid Edge e/o Solidworks, e capacità di programmazione Simatic STEP 7, WinCC, SINAMICS Startdrive e Simotion Scout.

      Si ritengono necessarie possesso di patente di guida B, disponibilità a trasferte all’estero, buona padronanza della lingua inglese.

  • Worker / Operaio
    Qualifica: operaio Livello: da definire in base all'esperienza Mansione: frigorista /montatore meccanico
    Inserimento con contratto a tempo determinato 3-6 mesi
    con i seguenti requisiti :
      • Buona capacità di lettura degli schematici di impianti frigo/di raffreddamento, e pneumatici;
      • Buona capacita nella saldatura ossiacetilenica;
      • Preferibilmente in possesso di patentino da frigorista e da saldatore.


  • SW Developer
    (we actually hired for this position, but continue sending your resume for further requirements...)

    We are looking for a software developer for the design and development of applications in windows desktop environment in the burn-in test and semiconductor industry.
    The ideal candidate is a recent graduate in computer science, etc. or a graduate with 2-3 years of similar work experience.

    Required skills are:
    - .NET C# Programming on environment VS 2008 or higher
    - C Programming
    - MS SQL Server, T-SQL
    - National Instruments (LabView / Labwindows-cvi) programming languages and environments
    - Knowledge of multithreaded architectures and client / server
    - Good knowledge of English spoken and written.

    Preferential aspects:
    - Knowledge of the c programming of micro embedded platforms
    - Knowledge of platforms NI CRIO and PXI / PXI-RT
    - E-Skills / Basic electrical engineering
    - Availability to travel both in Italy and abroad


Open Positions in EDA Singapore:

  • None at the moment...


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