Test Electronic for Burn-in System


Starting with dedicated BI system for Memories, Digital, Automotive and Mixed-Signal devices, the technological evolution of devices dictated from the market and the demand of increasing the test capacity have brought EDA Industries to design a powerful and innovative test system: the UBTS - Universal Burnin Test System.

This series is based on reprogrammable Microprocessor and FPGA firmwares, so that the same HW platform can be SW reconfigured as a Digital, Mixed-Signal, Memory tester.
Moreover, it allows a continuous development of new features and upgrades, that can be easily released/updated just by deploying a FW release.

EDA has continuously developed its main BurnIn systems introducing many features and improving roboustness in order to offer a state-of-art Test Electronic for the BurnIn.
Driving the evolution since UBTS, through VBTS, and finally to its latest modular version: the VBTS-M.

Main Features:

    • advanced modularity for an easy system configuration and improved maintenability
    • up to 256 I/O Bidirectional lines
    • up to 48 Stimulation lines
    • additional 32 Input lines
    • up to 6 DUTs Power Supply Units, powering each BIB with up to 600W and 104A.
    • 4 VREF for DUT Voltage References
    • 32 EXT lines for optional boards, ensuring function expandability and customization.


    • Analog Waveform Generator board, adding 4 differential Analog channels. 
    • Analog Monitoring board, replacing 128 IOs with 96 Analog Input lines, monitored by windows comparation. 
    • High Power option, bringing additional 16 High Power Supplies dedicated for DUTs' supply, powering each BIB with more than 2KW and 640A.
    • DUT TEMP MON option for Single Device Temperature Monitoring, fully embedded in the EDA system.
    • Single-Device Temperature Control option, fully embedded in the EDA system.
    • Parametric Measurement option, adding PMU capability to every line and power supply.
    • Enhanced option for advanced Quality and Reliability Test, bringing arbitrary waveform generation, advanced analog monitoring, and a 5KW external power supply control with 24 EXT-PSU lines for independent voltage and current monitoring.
    • Enhanced option for Power/Load architecture, bringing an additional 5/10KW External Power Supply to test devices that requires external fixed or programmable load.


    • to replace the existing systems with the new platform while keeping in use the existing BIBs VBTS-M Series ensures the compatibility with
      • the other EDA BIB standards: DBTS, HBTS, MBTSII, MBTSIII, ARES
      • many non-EDA BIB standard: Standard-A, Standard-C, AHER-MAX,  ART-200, UAMT, ADBV1, EJ18/EJ22, ENDZONE, CRITERIA.
    • ... ask us to make your BIB standard compatibile with the state-of-the-art EDA BurnIn platform...


DFTB Series

Under construction...



Under construction...



They are our original solution for Digital, Hybrid, Automotive and Memory devices.
Now covered by our Universal BurnIn and Test platform: the newest VBTS-M series.



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