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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 10:12

STAr Technologies and EDA Industries announce Strategic Partnership

STAr Technologies, Inc. ("STAr") and EDA Industries ("EDA") are pleased to announce a mutually strategic business expansion partnership. Combining product scopes and sales networks, this agreement will lead STAr and EDA's growth in the global semiconductor testing market at the highest level.

With technologies and applications continuously driving the increase in the demands of ICs, semiconductor players face growing challenges especially in production management and must guarantee overall device cost reduction as well as adequate quality and yield.
In this scenario, STAr and EDA have decided to strengthen their business cooperation relationship to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the semiconductor industry. STAr will be a sales representative of EDA products and services in the global market, in particular U.S.A, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Meanwhile, EDA will support STAr in EU markets (in particular Italy) and Morocco. The complete sales and service network will significantly benefit industry customers.

EDA, established in 1993 in Italy, is a dynamic and experienced international company, providing Turn-Key Solutions and Services for Reliability, Burn-in and Testing of Semiconductor Devices, both at Wafer and Package Level. Recently EDA is investing on Testing solutions also for Power Modules.

STAr Technologies, founded in 2000 in Hsinchu of Taiwan, is a supplier of semiconductor test total solutions and provides test systems, software, consumables and services to semiconductor and optical industry companies. Its expertise extends across parametric E-test, WLR & PLR.

Dr. Fortunato Palella, Founder of EDA Industries, commented: "We are glad to announce this important partnership with STAr Technologies. Thanks to this agreement and the integration of sales and marketing strategy, our business will be on a new scale, allowing us to increase our coverage of the global semiconductor market, as well as to highlight our deep industry knowledge and expertise".

Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO & CTO of STAr Technologies, said: "Testing is a critical process to semiconductor manufacturing and value demonstrated for ICs. We look forward to the year ahead with EDA as partnership promises sales and service cooperation and provide customers the complementary test solutions in the future".

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 08:56

EDA Catania, work in progress for a new building of 2500 sqm: «Address even more the requirements of the semiconductor market»

Work in progress for the new EDA Catania building, which is expected to be completed by the end of September 2024.

From October, our colleagues in Sicily will benefit from a modern 2500 sqm facility, consisting of two floors: the first will be completely dedicated to the electronic laboratory and should be ready as early as June, while the second will host design offices and meeting rooms.

The plant, principally focused on Application Engineering and Burn-in Service, will be located in a strategic area since it will be only 700 meters from the site of our important customer.

«EDA Industries is experiencing a phase of big growth and so aims to address even more the requirements of the semiconductor market – says EDA Catania Director, Ivano Redigolo – The new building in Catania, together with the further plant in Malaysia and the planned extension of Rieti and Terni offices, will be strategical to consolidate our leading position in the production of Reliability, Burn-in and Environmental systems for semiconductor devices, used in particular in the automotive sector and in the segment of SiC & GaN technologies».

Wednesday, 06 March 2024 09:52

EDA Industries has met students of I.I.S. Rosatelli: presented our company and job opportunities

Last March 4, we have met students of I.I.S "Celestino Rosatelli" in Rieti to present our company and above all our main job opportunities.

The event, organized in collaboration with Federlazio Rieti and the school, involved girls and boys attending the third and fourth year of "Electronics and Electrotechnics", "Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy" and "Maintenance and Technical Assistance" study paths, representing an important opportunity to bring the corporate world closer to the school one.

After an initial presentation of the day made by Matteo Di Mario (Communication and Marketing Specialist), our Sales Director Emiliano Polpetta introduced the students to the main information about the company, which has offices in several countries around the world, and then illustrated some basics on Burn-in and Semiconductor Testing.

Next, Andrea Boncio, Industrialization Manager, focused the attention on the main features of the ETNA system, one of our top products whose performances, dimensions and functionality were analyzed.

Finally, it was the turn of Roberta Stocco, Human Resources Manager, who explained job opportunities in EDA through a constant interaction with students.

We are happy to have participated in this meeting with the students of I.I.S.Rosatelli. We strongly believe in the importance of a continuous discussion with new generations and for this we thank Federlazio Rieti, in particular its Director Mauro Giovannelli and President Alberto Cavallari, the School Director, Professor Beatrice Tempesta, Professors Gianfranco Sampalmieri and Cristina Chiani, as well as all the other teachers involved in this moment of insight that we hope will be repeated in the future.

Monday, 22 January 2024 12:58

EDA Industries in Milan for an important meeting with Malaysian Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Malaysian Ambassador to Italy and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)

We are glad to announce that we have recently participated in an important business meeting organized in Milan by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). This session also hosted the Malaysian Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, YB Senator Tengku Zafrul Aziz, the Malaysian Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Zahid Rastam, as well as MIDA Top Management, guided by CEO Datuk Wira Arham Abdul Rahman.

During the event, we had the honor to present our company and our significant investments in Malaysia, sharing our industrial plans to ensure new business and collaboration. In particular, we focused the attention on the acquisition of a new plant in Jasin (Melaka) of about 5.000 sqm which should be officially operative by Q2 2024.

«This ambitious project - says Fortunato Palella, CEO of EDA Asia - has been activated since last year to increase production capability of latest model of EDA Burn-in chambers in Malaysia and to better satisfy the relevant Automotive market demand for test equipment, which will be particularly used for the growing electric vehicles segment. The large request for EDA Industries equipment is the result of the considerable investments that, during the last years, we have made on new SiC and GaN technologies. For this, the new plant in Jasin will be strategical to support EDA growth, being useful to set Reliability and Burn-in Service support, as well as to establish an R&D Center in Malaysia».

We are really pleased for this opportunity to meet at one time the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, the Malaysian Ambassador to Italy and MIDA top management, that we thank from the bottom of our hearts for the great hospitality and much more for the great support given to EDA in relation to our investments and operations in Malaysia. Also in the future, EDA Industries will continue to cooperate with MIDA and Government Authorities to consolidate actual industrial projects and to ensure further investments and a meaningful presence in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 10:59

EDA Industries after the participation at ISES EU Power and ICSCRM 2023: «Occasions to exchange suggestions and ideas»

EDA Industries, an engineering company leader in the production of Burn-in and Test Equipment for the semiconductor industry, has recently participated in two important events of its sector held in Italy: the International Semiconductor Executive Summits (ISES) EU Power and the International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2023).

The first one, planned on 14 and 15 September in Stresa, aimed to bring together power semiconductor professionals from all over the world, offering opportunities to learn from and engage with industry leaders. The other one, organized in Sorrento from September 17 to 22 and focused on WBG semiconductor devices, had the will to share and discuss the most recent achievements and roadmap trends with important players in the industrial, academic and public fields.

The EDA Breakthrough Solution for SiC and GaN presented at ISES EU Power

During the first day of the ISES EU Power, Luca Lillacci, General Manager of EDA Industries, presented "The EDA Breakthrough Solution for SiC and GaN Front-End and Back-End", highlighting that the growth of WBG devices in the semiconductor market has pushed his company to new challenges. «EDA Industries – said Lillacci – has decided to use its experience in the WBG Back-End environment extending the same approach also to the Front-End. The result has been a unique solution for both environments, composed of the products SocrATE and ETNA and provided by advanced data analysis software tools and innovative automation processes».

A great satisfaction for the company, founded in 1993 in Italy and expanded in 1998 in Asia to address even more the requirements of the international semiconductor market. «Our objective is to become one of the leading companies in Burn-in and Testing of Single devices and Power modules based on SiC and GaN technologies – continued Lillacci – and so for us, it is important to join events that involve eminent personalities in the world of WBG technologies. ISES EU Power and ICSCRM 2023 in Sorrento have certainly represented two real occasions to exchange suggestions and ideas».

EDA Industries – profile of the company

EDA Industries has its headquarter in Rieti and over the years has opened offices in Terni and Catania, as well as in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Morocco.

EDA Industries has installed more than 500 systems in 25 countries, providing a full turn-key solution for Testing, Burn-In, and Reliability Tests:

- Wafer Level Burn-in Solution for SiC and GaN

- Burn-in & Test Equipment for SiC, GaN, Mixed Signal and Digital Application

- Burn-in Chambers

- Environmental Stress Systems

- Burn-in Boards

- Application and Engineering support

- Automated Solution for Burn-in process

- Burn-in & Reliability Service

With a strong focus on the Automotive market and the evolution of its SocrATE WLBI and ETNA Equipment, EDA's principal strategic objective is to strengthen and confirm its leadership in Burn-in & Testing both in Front-End and Back-End, furnishing a unique Testing Platform for WBG devices.


Read the press release on Power Electronics News:

Tuesday, 27 June 2023 12:56

EDA Industries celebrated 30 years at the Abbey of San Pastore

Last Friday, June 23, at the Abbey of San Pastore, EDA Industries, a Rieti-based company that is a world leader in the production of equipment for burn-in and test of semiconductors, celebrated its 30-year milestone during a celebratory event, which has involved EDA employees, authorities, customers and stakeholders. A great satisfaction for the company founded in 1993 by Fortunato Palella, which, after expanding in 1998 to Singapore, has over the years opened new offices not only in Terni and Catania, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Morocco.

During the initiative, EDA Industries reviewed its major successes and investments, highlighting the value of its employees and growth goals for the future. "We strongly believe that the true strength of EDA Industries is our People - said President Fortunato Palella and CEO Christina Allarces during the celebration - We will continue to put our human resources and their needs at the center, while investing in technological innovation and in the electric vehicle market. In recent years we have been crossed the boundaries of Burn-in and now we want to consolidate ourselves as a leading company for testing solutions for new SiC and GaN technologies. Already by 2023, we expect growth in turnover, which, over time, will be supported with significant investments in plants, personnel and above all research."

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Thursday, 15 June 2023 08:12

EDA Industries turns 30 years old, on June 23 event at the Abbey of San Pastore

EDA Industries, the world's leading manufacturer of Burn-In and Test Equipment for the semiconductor industry, reached the prestigious 30-year milestone. A celebration to commemorate this important achievement will take place on 23 June 2023 at the Abbey of San Pastore, with the presence of EDA employees, authorities, customers, and stakeholders.

During the initiative, the activities and growth of the company, which now looks optimistically to future challenges, will be reviewed. "The achievement of 30 years represents for EDA a reason of great pride and satisfaction - says the company's president and founder Fortunato Palella - We will continue to work to create value in our industry, maintaining a relationship of trust and collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners. I would also like to thank each of our employees for their daily commitment and enthusiasm in everything they do."

Founded in 1993 in Rieti, EDA Industries expanded to Singapore in 1998, opening new offices over the years in both Terni and Catania, as well as in the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Morocco. Over time, the company has installed more than 500 pieces of equipment worldwide, providing a complete solution for performing burn-in and reliability testing. In 2022, turnover was 36.8 million euros, while employees exceeded 160.

Interviews to Fortunato Palella


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Wednesday, 22 March 2023 17:24

EDA being evaluated by some of the major players in the SiC and GaN sector

The market demand for high voltage WLBI systems, especially for SiC and GaN, is growing rapidly.

In this context, EDA Industries has decided to invest further in this sector, building on the success of the first supplies of EDA systems and motivated by the forthcoming evaluation of the WLBI system by other important top players in the market.

The Wafer Level Burn-In, in addition to the well consolidated Burn-in and Package Testing system, provides SiC and GaN manufacturers with seamlessly integrated solutions to meet stress testing needs at both the front-end and back-end levels. Data correlation is ensured by equivalent architectures and managed by an advanced data analysis SW.

Thursday, 30 September 2021 15:06

RBA Certification: EDA S.P.A has obtained the GOLD Status

EDA Completed the RBA Validated Audit Process, achieving GOLD Status.

Monday, 27 June 2022 21:54


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