TC 1200-E HC Thermal Cycler

Since 2003, the EDA engineering division has been producing the most traditional temperature stress system: thermal shock in air at two fixed temperatures.

The market’s constant request to increase load capacity to the maximum while maintaining very high thermal performance led EDA Industries to study new solutions, arriving at the production of a machine with useful rack volume of 440 l; the robustness of the system and the ease of monitoring and management provided by the chamber synoptic platform developed on the Siemens S7 platform have made this product very much appreciated and widely used in the qualification of components for aerospace.

We have recently developed a GEN 2 version, with increased performances:

Main Features:

  • Temperature range (hot chamber) +40°C / +220°C
    Temperature range (cold chamber) -80°C / +60°C
  • Basket internal Volume: 315 liters
  • Basket Max load capacity: 80Kg
  • Compliance with MIL-STD-883K METHOD 1010.9 TEMPERATURE CYCLING Letters A, B, C and F


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Additional Info

  • Temperature: TC: [+50°C / +190°C hot chamber] [-75°C / +50°C cold chamber]
  • N ° Thermal Zone: 2
  • Condensation: Water