Tuesday, 27 June 2023 12:56

EDA Industries celebrated 30 years at the Abbey of San Pastore

Last Friday, June 23, at the Abbey of San Pastore, EDA Industries, a Rieti-based company that is a world leader in the production of equipment for burn-in and test of semiconductors, celebrated its 30-year milestone during a celebratory event, which has involved EDA employees, authorities, customers and stakeholders. A great satisfaction for the company founded in 1993 by Fortunato Palella, which, after expanding in 1998 to Singapore, has over the years opened new offices not only in Terni and Catania, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, China and Morocco.

During the initiative, EDA Industries reviewed its major successes and investments, highlighting the value of its employees and growth goals for the future. "We strongly believe that the true strength of EDA Industries is our People - said President Fortunato Palella and CEO Christina Allarces during the celebration - We will continue to put our human resources and their needs at the center, while investing in technological innovation and in the electric vehicle market. In recent years we have been crossed the boundaries of Burn-in and now we want to consolidate ourselves as a leading company for testing solutions for new SiC and GaN technologies. Already by 2023, we expect growth in turnover, which, over time, will be supported with significant investments in plants, personnel and above all research."

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